Linda McGinnis

Linda McGinnis

About Linda:
As a young adult there were multiple times when I experienced trauma. I didn’t know how to get help or how to help myself. Luckily, the right books fell into my arms. The self-care tools found in these books along with forty years of yoga practice turned me into a firm believer of the body-mind connection.

While teaching art in elementary schools twenty years ago an opportunity to create design work for S’cool Moves, Inc. came up for me. S’cool Moves offered evidence-based self-regulation skills for students. Adding these skills to my class warm-ups was instantly gratifying. I was able to get students attention, teach them to monitor their own behavior, and provide them with tools to use during class to calm themselves, wake up, or prepare for school work.

About Linda’s CMBM experience:

The CMBM training was a natural progression. Using the CMBM skills in my daily life came naturally after completing the facilitator training. I spend more time in the present. Criticism of myself and others has transformed into acceptance. Overall, I’m more relaxed and out-going. I feel more confident navigating the unknown, meeting the future.

One of the bonuses for me is the opportunity to meet people who are committed to improving their lives thru self-care. My most rewarding experiences come from coaching others. I am open to working with all ages. There is a special place in my heart for pregnant teens and single mothers.