Maggie Zlotowski

Maggie Zlotowski,


About Maggie:
Hi! I am a Nurse by Profession and Explorer by Nature. I love meeting new friends, travelling, camping, hiking, swimming, snorkeling, reading, cycling and kayaking, knitting, sewing and quilting. I have struggled in my adult life to reconcile the pain of the world, violence, war, inequity and hatred with my experience of humanity and the universe as a compassionate and caring one. I have worked with people of all ages as a Nurse and Nurse Practitioner. Together, my husband, Steve, and I have raised 3 sons, who are now launched into the world on their own explorations.

About Maggie’s CMBM Experience:
In my experience with Mind Body Skills groups and with the Center for Mind Body Medicine, I have learned so much about compassion, starting with self-compassion. I think the biggest a-ha I have gotten so far is the knowledge that we are the keys to our own healing. These techniques have really opened my heart to seeing how complete we all are in our own way when we let ourselves explore our own experience and begin to heal. I love that there are so many different opportunities offered during our time together to help everyone find something that speaks to them.