Sharon Ann Brisolara

Sharon Brisolara


About Sharon:
I came to certification as a Mind Body Medicine practitioner having spent years in deep conversations, in what I call inquiry. As a researcher engaged in helping organizations learn if their efforts were making a difference, as a counselor in a therapeutic boarding school, and as an educator in the United States, Morocco, and the Comoros Islands, my work relied on my ability to listen, be present, and co-create space for people to access their inner knowing. My work in Costa Rica and love of languages set me on a path of being able to serve in English and Spanish and my love of poetry has helped me guide inquiry experiences that involve playing with words. Now, as a resilience and equity coach, I feel honored to guide explorations of how self-care, mindfulness, resilience and equity are deeply intertwined and the difference they can make in our lives.

About Sharon’s CMBM experience:

Although I had engaged in mindfulness practices in the past, losing my home in the Carr Fire made me aware that I needed something different in my life to help me navigate new challenges.  Since then, I have been deeply grateful for the MBM tools I have learned and the support that the small MBM groups have brought into my life.  The presence, clarity, and well-being they have brought me are gifts that I have been grateful to share through the small skills groups, and in my coaching and consulting practice.