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Small Group Format

8-week small groups provide a safe, confidential space to learn tangible skills to calm the physiological responses to stress. Participants learn a new skill each week (meditation, movement, drawing, writing, guided imagery, biofeedback, etc.) and have the opportunity to share their personal experiences, to whatever level is comfortable. The group facilitator guides the process and also participates in the exercises and discussion. There is no advice given, and nobody tells participants what to do or how to feel at the end. Most participants find that by devoting time to self care and reflection, they are better able to manage their challenges and often find answers that had previously been elusive. Click the button below for a current list of small group opportunities.

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Introductory workshops are a great way to quickly learn a few stress-management skills, and explore the science of mind/body medicine. Workshops can last from 1-4 hours and are offered free of charge. Individuals that are curious about participating in a Small Group may find that attending a Workshop helps provide a basic introduction of what to expect in a Small Group. People that don’t feel ready, or don’t have time to participate in a Small Group can gain some insights and tangible self-care skills by attending a Workshop. A list of upcoming workshops is available by clicking the button below.

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Drop-In Groups

Drop-in groups offer an opportunity for participants to try the group process without the commitment of an 8-week group. Check our calendar for Drop-In Group opportunities.