Malama MacNeil

About Malama:
A native of the central valley, Malama MacNeil has lived in Chico for 36 years. A mother and grandmother, she enjoys dancing, gardening, swimming, cycling and qigong. She has engaged in the Subud spiritual practice since 1970, and the Dance for All People since 2006. As a community elder, she offers virtual circles for practicing mind body skills for self-care, soul tending, deep listening, and council way.

About Malama’s CMBM experience:

My favorite exercises in the Mind Body groups I’ve been part of are the ones that engage the imagination, encourage spontaneous expression, and offer self-reflection: the 3-drawings, the special place/wise guide visualization, the dialog with an emotion, symptom or issue. Learning these might be reward enough from group membership, but especially in these times of limited social interaction, the opportunity to witness others as they check-in how their week has gone, or share their experience of the practice, is heart-opening and deeply affecting, and sometimes amazingly fun. Just sitting in silence breathing the soft belly meditation with others can make my day!